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Lease, Buy or Sell Warehouse Real Estate in South Auckland

South Auckland is a thriving hub for warehousing and logistics in New Zealand.  With its strategic location, excellent transportation infrastructure, and proximity to key ports and airports, it’s an ideal choice for businesses looking to establish or expand their warehousing operations.

The region’s warehousing facilities range from modern, high-tech distribution centers to more traditional storage spaces, accommodating a wide range of industries and needs.  South Auckland’s industrial zones, including East Tamaki, Manukau, and Wiri, are particularly well-known for their extensive warehousing options.

One of the primary reasons companies choose South Auckland for warehousing is its excellent connectivity.  It’s situated along major motorways, providing easy access to the rest of Auckland, the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and beyond.  The region is also home to the Ports of Auckland and Auckland Airport, making it a crucial gateway for imports and exports.

South Auckland offers a skilled workforce, a business-friendly environment, and a supportive network of logistics providers.  These factors, combined with its strategic location, continue to make South Auckland a preferred destination for warehousing and distribution operations.


Q & A

How do I find the top agent for selling a warehouse?

When considering whether to rent or buy a warehouse, it’s essential to work with someone you trust who can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to make the right decision for your business. Here are some key points to consider:

Look for experienced commercial real estate brokers who have experience with warehousing and industrial properties.   Warehouse brokers in your area should be able to advise you on local trends, pricing, and potential future growth or depreciation of industrial properties in your area.


Should I buy or lease a warehouse?

If your needs are temporary, fluctuating, or you prefer to maintain flexibility, renting a warehouse may be the better option.   Alternatively, if you plan for long-term stability and want to build equity, buying a warehouse might be the right choice. Brokers can assist in identifying suitable properties for sale, negotiating deals, and conducting due diligence.

A real estate broker can help you compare the costs of renting vs. buying.  This should consider factors suc as upfront investment, monthly expenses, potential tax benefits and the current market.


The Tale of Mana Place

This industrial unit, initially listed by an international giant on the 27th of April, seemed destined for a specific fate – to be sold by deadline sale on the 31st of May. Unfortunately, for the owners, Auckland retirees, who planned to reinvest the funds and ensure their support network could remain close to them in their retirement, their plans had to be put on hold.

The deadline came and went – no sale.  After 90 days, the sole agency agreement lapsed yet this fantastic industrial unit in the heart of South Auckland had not yet been sold.  Steve saw an opportunity to step in and make a difference.  Black Haus, and yet another powerhouse agency, were provided general listings and commenced advertising in mid-August. Now, up against two industry giants Steve Buckley remained undeterred.


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