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Lease, Buy or Sell Industrial Real Estate in South Auckland

South Auckland is a bustling and diverse region known for its significant industrial presence.  It has a reputation as a powerhouse for commerce, logistics, and manufacturing in New Zealand. The key industrial areas of South Auckland include Manukau, Wiri, Mangere, East Tamaki and Highbrook.   They benefit from South Auckland’s excellent transportation infrastructure, including motorways, ports, and the airport, making them key drivers of the region’s economic growth.

Key industrial areas


Manukau is a major commercial and industrial center within South Auckland. With its proximity to Auckland Airport, it’s a prime location for distribution and logistics companies. It also features a mix of manufacturing and light industrial businesses.


The Wiri industrial area is home to some of the region’s largest and most significant industrial players. It’s known for its extensive warehousing and distribution facilities, which benefit from close proximity to major transport links and the Auckland Inland Port.


Situated near the airport, Mangere is a strategic location for logistics and freight companies. It’s also home to a variety of industrial and manufacturing businesses.


When it comes to industrial real estate needs in South Auckland, finding the right experts can make all the difference.  A team of top-tier industrial real estate brokers, will have proven experience, expertise and dedication.  Whether you’re leasing industrial spaces, selling industrial properties, or investing in industrial land, look for a dynamic real estate agent that offer a network of professional brokers.  When selling industrial property in South Auckland, you will want the best real estate agent.  So who is the best?  Check out local real estate brokers near you as they will have a deeper understanding of the local market and and will be more accessible to you and potential buyers easing the process. Don’t take their word for it, ask your broker for reviews from previous customers and trust your gut.



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