Hamlins Hill Regional Park Auckland

Mutukaroa/Hamlins Hill Regional Park 

Located in the suburb of Penrose, Mutukaroa is a premier place of significance to mana whenua and a rare example of an extensive pre-European Māori settlement.  This park has open pasture and expansive views.  You can see remains of habitation in the form of pits, terraces and middens (refuse).

You can access the car park from Great South Road between the Onehunga and Mt Wellington off-ramps from State Highway 1.

An excellent inner city gem, perfect for a walk, where you can enjoy 360 degree views of Auckland city and explore the bush where you almost forget you are in the middle of New Zealand’s largest city. At times you are only 20m from the main Eastern Arterial route, but you feel one hundred miles away!


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Property buyers should remember that real estate agents always work for the vendor, but a buyer or tenant can also access representation – in the form of buyers’ agents.

The property market can be confusing, overwhelming and highly competitive so you need to be on your toes to secure a property, especially these days.

Since the value of commercial property is also about the rental income it produces, commercial investors need a way to compare one property’s yield with another. Known as the capitalisation rate, or cap rate, it measures the annual rental income as a percentage of the sale price.  Your commercial property agency can give you the latest market updates.

Buyers agents are paid for by the buyer to help you sift through available properties to find the right property at a price you can afford and help give you confidence that you are not paying too much.

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