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Can I lease my own commercial property?

Yes, you can.

Keep in mind that by using a professional commercial real estate agent you will get access to up to date market information which helps you price your property according to the current market, exposure to the agencies existing database of potential tenants and access to the required sales and leasing agreements.

The commercial agent will also take viewings for you saving you time and they will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

Greenwoods Corner

Greenwoods Corner is an Auckland neighbourhood located within the suburb of Epsom.  It is situated to the south of Newmarket and north of Royal Oak, at the intersection of Pah Road and Manukau Road.

Greenwoods Corner shopping village is made up of a collection of boutique enterprises: restaurants, cafés, and retail businesses.  It is located approximately 7 kilometers from the Auckland CBD.


  • Leases
  • Sales
  • Leasing Agreements
  • Commercial Property Appraisals
  • Office Space Rentals
  • Retail Space Leases
  • Warehouses/Workshops for Lease
  • Industrial Units & Yards

Commercial Property Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Commercial Property Broker

Commercial Property Agent

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Before you sign an agency agreement, the agent must give you a written appraisal. This is their estimate of the property’s expected lease or sale price, which must realistically reflect current market conditions and refer to comparable lease and sales data.

The needs of the buyer or lessee vary quite a bit between different markets. While a person might look for a home with a view, or one that’s near their work, an entrepreneur might be looking for a location that provides the most foot traffic or the best parking, for example.

If you truly want a commercial real estate broker who is looking out for you and your business’s interests, search for one yourself, and hire one that is looking out for you.

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